Kaleo has always delved into all things with a fiery passion.


As a young musician, he was recognized with All-City Music Honors in Pasadena for his musicianship which later evolved into a successful career in the music business. He was signed to several record labels including Mercury/Universal Records, and as a producer, singer/songwriter, has had his music featured in numerous movies and television shows.


He earned a Bachelors Degree from the University of California, Los Angeles(UCLA), where he was a member of the UCLA Football team which won the Pac-10 Championship and later played in the famed Rose Bowl Game.


His first love, art, has always served him well and he has always had a tremendous passion for that mode of creation. He was granted a schlorship at an early age for his visual works and has continued to refine his skills throughout his life.


Now, Kaleo is a full-time mixed-media visual artist, and couture clothing designer with a passion for creating works of art which he says, challenges the viewer and evokes emotion with the goal of uplifting his audience through cerebral works of iconic and commercialized juxtapositions.